What Makes Us Different?

As a pair of talented business professionals who were disappointed by many of today's networking experiences and their inability to form meaningful connections; Network Exchange was created to fill a void from traditional networking. 
It is a real opportunity to bring all of these individuals together in a way that does not exist.  After meeting numerous smart and ambitious people, they knew there was a real opportunity to bring all of these individuals together on an ongoing basis through a series of supportive and informational breakfasts, seminars, meetups, and online events.  

Therefore, they decided to build something new!

Network Exchange is a business community on a mission to become so essential, it will be your first stop with a business question. Instead of turning to Google, you will find yourself turning to Network Exchange for answers. Whether you need a resource for a vendor, opportunities to advertise to a targeted audience of business professionals, guidance about a new tax law, or educational tips to learn the latest digital protocols for your website, our mission is to create a vibrant enough community so there will be a member of Network Exchange or a resource that can help.

Network Exchange’s goal is to become an essential ingredient in every Member’s business strategy – the first stop for answering any business question with the input of other talented business professionals. We believe you’ll find yourself turning to Network Exchange for the information you need on everything from marketing to billing. Whether you’re looking for vendor support, advice for advertising targeted audiences, tax law guidance, or educational tips on the latest digital protocols, our mission is to create a vibrant, accessible and interactive community of Network Exchange Members.  As a member, you will receive an initial analysis of your business challenges and needs and we will provide you with solutions.

Offering both in-person events, where you can gain valuable business insights and meet other professionals in your community, as well as online discussions and resources, Network Exchange offers a range of resources and enrollment levels to suit every business need. Some months you might find yourself seeking out seminars and gatherings, other times watching an online webinar or reading through resources, or perhaps looking for a concierge service in a different city – these are some of the resources you will find as a Network Exchange Member collaborating with a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

The goal is to build an exceptional community of business professionals who are interested in growing their professional network, expanding their business or just finding a community of small business owners experiencing the same challenges.

 We firmly believe Network Exchange will become an essential piece of every Member's business strategy!