Mastering the Artform of Connections

Mastering the Artform of Connections   

“People will come to you if you can help them reach their goals,” explained author, speaker, and entrepreneur Jessica Leigh Levin during the Network Exchange’s latest online educational forum held Wednesday, September 25.

Moderated by Network Exchange Leadership Member Samantha Borland, Levin discussed her new book “Perfect Pairings: The Art of Connecting People” and the methods and importance of creating and establishing enduring, mutually-profitable and beneficial relationships through the “art of connecting with others.”

“One person can set off a web that can really build your professional career,” offered Levin. “No one likes walking into a room full of strangers and trying to strike up a conversation. It’s an ineffective way to build relationships and grow your business. Learning to connect with others and taking the time to actually hear what they have to say is a far more effective technique for establishing bonds and helping yourself and others live happier healthier lives.”

Continued Levin, “Karma works. It helps drive business. Don’t attack sales growth through a ‘who can I sell’ attitude. Build bonds with a “who can I help” approach to life. This is the difference between connecting and networking, which is about meeting as many people as possible in the hopes of a positive outcome. Rather, connecting involves developing relationships that can branch into a series of new opportunities and rewards that can last a lifetime.”

 In addition to these tips and insights for “building networks exponentially,” Levin also recommended:

  • Stressing quality, not quantity when trying to create new relationships. Connect with professionals that have common interests
  • Sharpen your interpersonal skills through volunteer work
  • Think about immediacy. Identify three individuals who would benefit from knowing one another
  • Concentrate on what you can do for others. Helping others creates a natural high that can really lift spirits and positively influence every area of life

 At the end of the hour-long session, Gayle Goldner, the Network Exchange’s director of business development, thanked all in attendance, while inviting everyone to use the organization’s job board to reach other members and grow their businesses through the skills and talents offered throughout this rapidly-expanding community.




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