What is Network Exchange?

 Network Exchange is a business dedicated to helping other businesses from small to large re-organize.  Its primary goal is to build of community and to help businesses have a strategic plan in place with the information needed to succeed. The plan is to move towards business goals and help businesses have a structured plan based on their specific needs and budget. Concierge services will be offered in addition to membership benefits in order to cater to businesses needs.

Every business is different and every business has different needs. As a business owner, I came across many ideas to grow my business but I was limited with my time and skills. I attended several networking events and while happy to meet professionals and dedicated business owners I did not find the best solutions. Therefore, I tried to do things myself to save time and money. This was not efficient; nor did it generate more money. In addition, the networking events attended consisted of the same structure, people, questions and answers. Not to mention the endless elevated speeches about who you are, who is your best client and what is expected from the networking meeting.

Although I believe networking is an important aspect of a business and meeting people is one of the greatest benefits networking has...without a purpose and goal in mind, it can become stagnant. I noticed others wanted to meet after the event, but fulfilling connections were not established. I needed more, I wanted to truly know the person I was connecting with and how we can help each other with the intention to take action.

I decided to help by creating the Network Exchange platform. For business owners to connect, establish meaningful relationships, inform others of the knowledge I have gained, help them avoid unnecessary business expenses, enhance the skills they already have, and let us take care of the skills they do not. In addition, I plan to expose our members to the existing networking meetups and connect to the appropriate ones which will benefit them. There are incredible business people in our community and elsewhere and we should all know each other. We live in uncertain times and it helps to know the people or persons you are dealing with on a daily basis. In addition, I would like for stay at home parents to have a place to go and have a good time. Making networking not only for business owners but a community platform for all to enjoy and learn. In addition, my intent is to create a visual list of businesses with their specific offers. 

Who is Network Exchange For:
*  Small business startups
*  Small business who are exhausted with the "do it yourself method."
*  Small businesses who want to be engaged and part of a community.
*  Businesses who want to establish meaningful connections.
*  Businesses with challenges and need direction.
*  Businesses that want to work with other professionals.
*  Businesses who want to have a plan in place considering their skills, time, and budget.

 A community designed to help your business succeed. Network Exchange. 

Jessica Apgar, Founder of Network Exchange

Jessica Apgar


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