1.  What does my membership cover?
Network Exchange offers three different levels of membership. Each provides access to the organization’s primary business networking, collaboration, and meeting attendance benefits, educational resources, promotion, and assessment of your business needs. 

Please see Member Benefits for complete details.

2. When will you be meeting?
Event times and days will vary to accommodate the busy work schedules of our member professionals. Understanding that our members are sometimes unable to attend in person, we will host events online. Most educational sessions will be recorded so you can view them online at a later date.  

3. Where will you be meeting?
Each Network Exchange event will be held at different locations throughout the New York metropolitan area to facilitate member involvement.  Events will be held online as well.

 4. Who are the other members?
Business professionals across a wide range of industries. Anyone looking to expand their business, launch a new product or service, and/or build relationships with the expert input of other talented professionals and business owners.

5.  Can I upgrade to a different level?
Membership fees are billed monthly, so you will be able to change your membership level at any time.

6.  Why should I join Network Exchange?
See What Makes Us Different

7. Can a non-member attend an event?
Yes. We welcome non-members to events, according to availability.  Network Exchange members will receive first priority.

8.  Can more than one person from the same industry become a member?
Sure. We welcome the input, support, and inclusion of any and every talented business professional.

9.  What is the New Member Assessment Questionnaire?
The New Member Assessment Questionnaire will help us evaluate your business needs.

 Feel free to contact us for further information.