About Us

Network Exchange

Network Exchange LLC. is dedicated to helping businesses like yours through our ongoing access to professional networking activities and expert resources designed to increase the reach and success of your business.

This organization was founded with the firm understanding that every business, regardless of its size, can take advantage of solid, proven promotional tools and expertise to drive their next level of growth and get their products and services off the ground. Many new and existing businesses struggle with finding reputable and reliable marketing, promotional and new business support. We are ready to help!

Whether your business is big or small, we look forward to working with you to find the business solutions you’re looking for.  Our specialty is providing companies with the tools needed to expand their businesses or launch new products and services with the insights of other talented professionals located online or throughout the State of New Jersey.

Other advantages of your Network Exchange membership include access to our extensive library of online educational materials, marketing tools, podcasts, white papers, and videos – all available to help you develop your next marketing plan or make the startup in your basement a mainstream reality. In addition, we believe you’ll particularly enjoy the opportunity to network with peers or brainstorm with other members on everything from best accounting practices to social media trends during our series of online and in-person meet and greet events.

We are passionate about serving all your business development and growth needs.   Since our goal is to treat every member as a loyal, valued client, your questions and feedback are important to us.   We’re sure we have the just the right expert in our membership to provide the answers you need with Network Exchange.

We are a company providing businesses with educational resources in advertising, networking and knowing the community.  We offer educational materials to help reduce the stress of networking and advertising. We will have advertising channels such as Facebook, Instagram with a personalized business statement, YouTube, our web-site, printed materials and new innovating tools and materials as we progress.   In addition, we have online and location-based meetups giving the opportunity to exchange ideas and build your network by getting to know members and potential members, instead of elevated speeches.  Why trade your time and so many networking events that offer the same.  We offer easily accessible information.

Mission Statement

Network Exchange LLC is committed to providing information, resources and advertising channels to members to assist in networking within the community.  Our goal is to help businesses with limited exposure and time to network. 

Our services include many assets to help members promote their business and raise their exposure.  Our focus is on creating the proper means to save time and money and direct potential customers to you.

Our Philosophy
Your business is our business and we exist to help you succeed!

Our Set of Principles

To provide information and raise awareness to people about your business.  We live in an increasingly complex society with various cultures and different languages and it is not enough to convey a logo or an elevator speech.  In today's competitive market we want to maximize and broaden your business for many to understand.